Our coaching programs help enable you to take a step back and reflect, capitalize on your strengths, adapt to changes and achieve your goals.

  • A broad range of experienced coaches with diverse experience and methods
  • Certificates / diplomas: Mozaïk, One Coach, NLP, Reflexology, TA, Team Diagnostics, Emotional Logic, NVC, Human Element, Gestalt, and more…
  • Merges CA Consulting Group's active pedagogical method with the specific knowledge of other coaching schools

Coaching program examples

  • Stepping into a new executive role at a critical moment for the company
  • Reaffirming leadership, building relationships and collaboration
  • Accompaniment during a major transformation brought on by a profound strategic or organizational change
  • Team cohesion, to put in place a high-functioning culture of collaboration
  • Women in leadership
  • Transforming a “high potential” into an effective manager

Team Performance Coaching

A new solution to reinforce the effectiveness of a senior executive team

  • Based on 40+ years of research assessing the most powerful influences on team effectiveness.
  • Collectively, the 6 conditions account for about 80% of the variance in team effectiveness.
  • Derives measures of the quality of team design, leadership, processes, effectiveness from surveying team members and leaders.
  • Designed and field tested with hundreds of teams.
  • Created by 2 esteemed researchers from Harvard University. 
  • Assessed for internal consistency reliability, construct validity, predictive validity. 
  • Revised and redesigned in 2014, now based on thousands of teams of many kinds in a growing database from around the world.
  • In continuous use in many educational settings and research projects.
  • Translated into Polish, French, Business Chinese, German, Spanish. 
  • Applicable to any kind of team.
  • CA Consulting Group is officially certified to practice the Team Diagnostics Survey