CA Consulting Group’s team of over 30 expert consultants is intensely dedicated to professional and personal transformation.

Experienced thought leaders at the forefront of their respective disciplines, we’ve selected this diverse and multitalented group because they embody precisely the values and skills we instill in our clients: engagement, creativity, finesse, and enthusiasm.

What sets our instructors and team members apart is their ability to not merely educate clients, but to draw on diverse experiences from both their professional and personal lives to relate with clients and customize our programs accordingly — rapidly understanding the context, adapting on the fly, and carefully managing even the very most sensitive of situations. 

Whatever the goal for your organization or for yourself, CA Consulting Group can get you to success!



Carly Abramowitz

An expert in interpersonal communication and leadership, Carly Abramowitz founded CA Consulting Group in Paris in 2005, building on 10 years’ experience in coaching and training top and senior management.

Convinced that the right tools and the right approach can revolutionize potential and performance, Carly continues to develop and grow her organization, committed to discovering the best solutions for the business leaders of today and tomorrow.

Born and raised in Boston, Carly is a graduate of Northwestern University, with a degree in Communication. American and bi-lingual, she has made her home in France since 1997.

Carly has also served as Vice President of The Kitson think tank and as the French ambassador for Singularity University.