An environment in flux

Faced with the most significant changes since the industrial revolution, notably brought about by technological advances, digital, and globalization of markets, businesses are investing lots of time, money and energy to keep pace with these dynamic changes, and reinvent themselves.

In response and in parallel — and despite the best of intentions — several paradoxical consequences have manifested themselves:

  • Changes in strategy so frequent that by the time one is fully in place, the next one is already been announced.
  • Matrixed structures leading to an increase in the number of projects per person, a multiplication of gating points for every decision, more (and more frequent) meetings, heavier deadline pressure, etc. 
  • Calls for innovation and diversity despite managers and team members lacking a concrete understanding of what’s being asked of them or how to act on it.
  • A sense of disorientation; a loss of linearity; unexpected outcomes.
  • Teams struggling to stay motivated in the face of seemingly impossible-to-achieve tasks, leading to a disconcerting increase of burnout within the organization.
  • Difficulty in deriving a strong sense meaning from your work; demotivation and a loss of hope.

And the list goes on…


A revolution in leadership

Of course, we all feel these changes happening, and we all understand the absolute necessity to put human beings at the core of our businesses. People, in the end, are the ones who are going to make or break these monumental transformations.

What type of person is capable of stepping forward and taking the reins in this increasingly intense and complex environment, when they know this is just the beginning?

What internal capabilities, competencies, and wiring are necessary to successfully cultivate the type of agile, innovative leaders people talk about but that we rarely see?

What kind of leaders are you looking for?


A dynamic, pragmatic new approach

At CA Consulting Group, we've created The Leader Lab to accompany today’s leader in their transformation toward the world of tomorrow.

We’ve identified what distinguishes the leaders of the past from the leaders of the future, to arrive at a simple and pragmatic methodology with a dynamic approach based on the power of diversity, co-knowledge and personal anchoring.

The Leader Lab is an exciting solution to help tomorrow's leaders build their core skill sets.


A unique offer

3 distinct and complementary products



A voyage designed for senior management and high-potentials to transform themselves as leaders.

A kaleidoscope of perspectives brought to life by rare experts with unique backgrounds.

6 progressive half-day sessions spread over the course of 6 months.

A rhythmic and intense methodology based on experiential pedagogy, and reinforced by the depth and diversity of the participants.


COOPERATIVE Corporate University

Interested in partnering with 3-5 other businesses for The Leader Lab program?

Looking for like-minded, non-competitive organizations that share a similar philosophy when it comes to developing leaders? 

You can benefit from reduced pricing by sharing the experience with other businesses.

We’ll be happy to work with you to find partner companies and send you on your unique adventure together!


Think Tank

Our dialogue groups cater to senior HR and Learning and Development executives.

We believe that regular, qualitative dialogue among leadership developers throughout the year is a highly important ingredient that serves to complement and reinforce leadership training — Reflection lies at the heart of our program and we constantly aim to bring it to life.