Our custom-designed development services are original and highly effective, built around a dynamic, participative methodology, allowing every participant to quickly and sustainably absorb the toolset necessary to achieve the desired result.

We work directly with our clients to understand their key objectives along with the broader environment, allowing us to build programs that are highly creative in both content and format. The programs are easy to implement, and they yield results in the short-, medium-, and long-term.


Examples of program themes




Public speaking

Client relations

Effective collaboration

Effective communication


Transversal management

Remote management

The Manager-Coach

Train the trainer

Driving change


Sales techniques

Stress management

Well-being at work

Multicultural sensitivity

Project management

Creativity & Innovation


Our approach to learning

  • Unique dynamic, with a balance of 90% action and 10% theory
  • Participants are the key actors in their own progress
  • Preparatory and follow-up actions before, during and after programs
  • Program formats are original, practical, and attractive
  • Digital modules to make training programs and events more modern and dynamic
  • Assessments and tests: MBTI, DISC, Process Com', EQ-I…
  • Conception and execution of 360° reviews
  • Programs adaptable for international, multilingual groups
  • Intra- or inter-company